Owner. Cake Artist. Chocolate Lover


Pastry Chef Nevia Giles is the owner and cake artist of PCD.  She has always had a passion for baking and cake decorating (and a sweet tooth).  This passion led her to start Platinum Cake Designs in 2015.


At a young age, her mother involved Nevia and her siblings in the kitchen.  Her mother also encouraged her kids to be imaginative outside the kitchen through sewing, drawing, woodworking, and gardening.  Nevia found baking to be an ideal way to show her love to her friends and family and express her creativity.  Nevia continued to bake for her friends while pursuing her Business degree at Boston University.

The catalyst for starting PCD came when Nevia was given the opportunity to make her sister's wedding cake.  The cake was a hit and most importantly her sister and brother-in-law loved it.  Nevia decided she wanted to share her love and creativity on a larger scale.  Fast forward a few years, Nevia decided to leave the utility and consulting industries after 13 years, and turn her long-term hobby into a career.  She enrolled in the Pastry and Baking program at the Institute of Culinary Education in New York. After graduating, she came back to Atlanta and started PCD.



Thank you to our clients, supporters, followers, and everyone else in the PCD Fam.  Your love and continued support and business has gotten us where we are today and we are grateful.